Sensor systems

CargoSense is a family of sensors designed to operate with Cargomon’s CargoObserver product line.

The main function consists of monitoring temperature, humidity, acceleration and light or door status on containers and packages for transport quality tracking applications as well as security monitoring (e.g. opening of packages). The multi-sensor has been optimised for dry and refrigerated containers as well as covered wagons.

With our wagon load and weight measurement system, which uses the most modern radar technology on the market, you also achieve higher accuracy and more robust measurements than today’s conventional systems at lower life cycle costs.

Whether with humidity and temperature sensor, brightness sensor, radar-based distance sensor or 3-D acceleration sensor, each of our CargoSense products can be individually configured.

Main features

Secure and reliable communication

Highly efficient communication, in multiple mobile networks in each country, TCP with Smart Message Fallback, special list slots for configuration


Humidity and temperature sensor, brightness sensor, 3-D acceleration sensor, radar-based distance sensor

Alarm management

Alarm prioritisation, rate control, event and alarm storage

Energy self-sufficient

12 years battery life or 2 maintenance intervals in the freight wagon area

CargoSense - Multisense

  • Precise temperature and humidity measurement
  • Door status for container applications
  • Multi-protocol interface, Bluetooth Low Energy 5.1, ItSS-2 Ready
  • Data logging on telematics unit

CargoSense - Distance & Weight

  • Scalable: From a simple loading sensor up to 4 units for accurate weighing.
  • Multi protocol interface: Bluetooth Low Energy 5.1, ITSS-2 Ready
  • Weight: Optimal weight display
  • Accelerometer for flat spot detection

The complete solution in combination with our platform & app

With our total solution, you have the possibility to visualise your sensor data and the location of your trackers on the map, set alarms (email/SMS) and create daily customised Excel reports via the existing backend and our web platform as an on-premise or cloud solution. In addition, our provisioning app allows you to activate your trackers and sensors, link assets and inspect sensor data in the field.

Benefit from a total solution tailored to you

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